Corpus Christi Chapel

Confirmation Information

Please complete the Confirmation Record Form below to register for confirmation. Upon successful submission you will receive an email with further details and a link to the first class.

Please note that in addition to the form below the following documents must be provided:

  1. A letter of good standing for Sponsor, if not of Corpus Christi Chapel. The sponsor should be of the same sex, already confirmed, distinct from baptismal sponsor, not a parent, and a good model for them to imitate and help form them in defending their faith. 
  2. A brief essay, with two paragraphs- one paragraph stating why they chose their patron saint, under whose protection they place themselves and will seek to imitate, and another stating which gift of the Holy Ghost they desire the most and why.

Confirmation Record Form

The Confirmation Candidate The candidate's full name is required The candidate's place of birth is required The candidate's date of birth is required
Candidate Baptismal Records The parish and address of the candidate's baptism The date of the candidate's baptism is required PDF format or clear and legible photograph A PDF or clear and legible photo of the certificate is required
Family & Contact Information The full name of the Candidate's father is required The full maiden name of the Candidate's mother is required The candidate's address is required Please use the format (###) ###-#### Please enter a valid email address