Corpus Christi Chapel

Parish Church Items Registry

We're excited to share that we have a unique opportunity to acquire beautiful, authentic items from a now-closed church up north.

Be a part of this restoration of sacred objects, and the foundation of our own church! 

We have the opportunity to purchase various necessities for our chapel which have already long served in an old church, now sadly closed. However, these items for which our forebears in the faith once sacrificed can again, with our own sacrifices, be put to the use for which they were made: The glorification of God by his Church.

Please peruse this "registry" of items and if you are able consider donating one or several for our use. The costs shown represent the generous pricing for which they are offered to us, as well as the not-insignificant costs to import and ship them safely to their new home with us.

Simple donations via credit/debit cards and lower-cost bank transfers are available. When making a donation, simply copy and paste the Item ID to ensure it's correctly allocated to your chosen registry item. For larger donations by alternative methods, such as no-fee checks, please email [email protected] to make arrangements.