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Holy Week schedule of transmitted live Masses and Holy Communion

In addition to the many FSSP masses which are transmitted live from our parish church in Sarasota, and throughout the world at http://www.livemass.net/, Fr. Passo and Fr. Romanoski will celebrate Holy Thursday Mass at the Donahue Academy school chapel in Ave Maria at 3:00pm, and on Easter Sunday at 12:30pm which will each be transmitted live from their parish transmission here. Though one may not attend these masses in person, we will distribute Holy Communion afterwards in the parking lot of the same Donahue Academy (at around 4pm and 1:30pm respectively). Anyone unable to attend and who would like to receive Holy Communion in this holy season is to contact the priests directly. 
Please recall that no one is obliged to attend Holy Mass on Sundays at present, and the reception of Holy Communion after these masses is likewise in no way obligatory.

Published on April 4th, 2020. Exipred 1262 days ago.