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Current Announcements

Weekly Highlights for May 28th to June 4th

Friday, June 2nd, First Friday Masses and devotions at 4pm and 5:15pm (Sung Mass),

First Saturday devotions after Mass on Saturday, June 3rd.

First Mass of Fr. Quinn Gomez, FSSP with potluck afterward at St. Agnes' parish center. 

Monday, June 5th, Chant Camp begins at Royal Palm Academy

Published on May 26th, 2023.

Resurrection Mass will start at 12:30pm beginning June 4th

The Mass time at Resurrection in Fort Myers will move from 12:15pm to 12:30pm effective on June 4th, 2023.

Published on May 19th, 2023.

Weekly Highlights for May 21st to 27th

Sunday, May 21st, Fr. Adams and the senior Maidens of Mary will be leaving for the "nun-run." Please pray for the fruits of their trip, viz. the discernment of their vocations.

Tuesday, May 23rd, at 6:30pm women's group talk given by Fr. van Zee "On the Demonic" at our new Church site. No RSVP is necessary. Please bring food and drinks to share.

Wednesday, May 24th, at 6pm Spanish Catechesis in the confessional room at St. Agnes

Saturday, May 27th, at 9am Adult Catechesis for converts and reverts via Zoom. Email Fr. van Zee at [email protected] for sign-in information.

Published on May 17th, 2023.

First Mass in Naples for Fr. Quinn Gomez, FSSP

On Trinity Sunday (June 4th) at 8:45am the newly ordained Fr. Quinn Gomez will visit Corpus Christi Chapel as part of his first Mass tour. You may remember Father's visit to Naples last summer when he helped out with our annual Chant Camp and several Masses at St. Agnes' Chapel. Following Father's first Mass with us, we will have a potluck in the parish center at St. Agnes. Please come and bring food to share as we celebrate the wonderful gift from God of a new traditional priest. 

Published on May 17th, 2023.

Looking for a new Secretary

Corpus Christi Chapel is in need of a secretary to help with many things! We are looking for a part-time position, about 12 hours per week. Ideally, it would be someone who lives in the Naples area year-round, is good at organizing events and schedules, is willing to work from the office (our new Church site). If you are interested, please contact Fr. van Zee at [email protected] for more information.

Published on May 17th, 2023.

Upcoming Ordinations for the FSSP

Please pray for the ordinands:

May 20: diaconal ordinations in Wigratzbad by His Exc. Wolfgang Haas, Archbishop of Vaduz:

  • Miklós Homolya 
  • Pierre-Damien Luisier 
  • Korbinian Mendler
  • Manuel de Pinho Sousa 
  • Francesco Serwe 
  • Jan Vatter
  • Peter Westner
  • Gideon Zoonen

May 26: Priestly ordinations in Denton by His Exc. Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco:

  • Quin Gomez 
  • Isaac Lind 
  • Evan Schwab
Published on May 17th, 2023.

Weekly Highlights for May 14th to 20th

Sunday, May 14th, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!

Wednesday, May 17th, 6:30 to 8:30pm Men's Group.

Thursday, May 18th, 4pm low Mass and 5pm High Mass for the Ascension at St Agnes. It is not a holy day of obligation. 

Saturday, May 20th, at 9am will be our last day of activities and classes at Royal Palm. 

Saturday, May 20th, last day to register for Chant Camp. 

Saturday, May 20th, 6 to 9pm Young Adult Group.

Published on May 13th, 2023.

Weekly Highlights for May 7th to 13th

Monday, May 8th, we will have a sung requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Fr. Terrence Gordon, FSSP who died recently. 

Wednesday, May 10th, Spanish Catechesis in the confessional room at St. Agnes at 6pm. 

Thursday, May 11th, sung Mass in honor of Sts. Philip and James, Apostles will begin at 5pm. 

Saturday, May 13th, convert classes via Zoom at 9am. Please contact Fr. van Zee at: [email protected] for more information. 

Published on May 6th, 2023.

Weekly Highlights for April 30th to May 6th

Father Romanoski arrives on Sunday, April 30th and will be with us until May 6th.

Monday, May 1st, the first-class feast of St. Joseph the Workman, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we will have a sung Mass at 5:15pm at St. Agnes.

Friday, May 5th, we will have Mass and devotions at 4pm and 5:15pm at St. Agnes in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Saturday, May 6th, we will have Mass and devotions in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at 6:45am at St. Agnes' chapel. 

Saturday, May 6th, we will have classes and activities at Royal Palm Academy. There will be no altar server training on this day.

Published on April 25th, 2023.

Procession and Mass on Tuesday

On Tuesday, April 25th, we will sing the Greater Litanies in procession as is tradition on the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist. The procession will begin at 5:15pm. 

Dom Gueranger explains: The Greater Litanies (or processions) are so called to distinguish them from the Minor Litanies, that is, processions of less importance as far as the solemnity and concourse of the faithful were concerned. We gather from an expression of St Gregory the Great that it was an ancient custom in the Roman Church to celebrate, once each year, a Greater Litany, at which all the clergy and people assisted. This holy Pontiff chose April 25 as the fixed day for this procession and appointed the Basilica of St Peter as the Station.

The question naturally presents itself—why did St Gregory choose April 25 for a procession and Station in which everything reminds us of compunction and penance, and which would seem so out of keeping with the joyous season of Easter? The first to give a satisfactory answer to this difficulty was Canon Moretti, a learned liturgiologist of the eighteenth century. In a dissertation of great erudition, he proves that in the fifth, and probably even in the fourth, century, April 25 was observed at Rome as a day of great solemnity. The faithful went, on that day, to the Basilica of St Peter, in order to celebrate the anniversary of the first entrance of the Prince of the Apostles into Rome, upon which he thus conferred the inalienable privilege of being the capital of Christendom. It is from that day that we count the twenty-five years, two months and some days that St Peter reigned as Bishop of Rome.[1] The Sacramentary of St Leo gives us the Mass of this solemnity, which afterwards ceased to be kept. St Gregory, to whom we are mainly indebted for the arrangement of the Roman Liturgy, was anxious to perpetuate the memory of a day which gave to Rome her grandest glory. He therefore ordained that the Church of St Peter should be the Station of the Great Litany, which was always to be celebrated on that auspicious day. April 25 comes so frequently during the octave of Easter that it could not be kept as a feast, properly so called, in honor of St Peter’s entrance into Rome; St Gregory, therefore, adopted the only means left of commemorating the great event.

But there was a striking contrast resulting from this institution, of which the holy Pontiff was fully aware, but which he could not avoid: it was the contrast between the joys of Paschal Time and the penitential sentiments wherewith the faithful should assist at the procession and Station of the Great Litany. Laden as we are with the manifold graces of this holy season, and elated with our Paschal joys, we must sober our gladness by reflecting on the motives which led the Church to cast this hour of shadow over our Easter sunshine. After all, we are sinners, with much to regret and much to fear; we have to avert those scourges which are due to the crimes of mankind; we have, by humbling ourselves and invoking the intercession of the Mother of God and the Saints, to obtain the health of our bodies, and the preservation of the fruits of the earth; we have to offer atonement to divine justice for our own and the world’s pride, sinful indulgences, and insubordination. Let us enter into ourselves, and humbly confess that our own share in exciting God’s indignation is great; and our poor prayers, united with those of our holy Mother the Church, will obtain mercy for the guilty, and for ourselves who are of the number.

Published on April 21st, 2023.
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