Corpus Christi Chapel

First Holy Communion Information

Please complete the First Holy Communion Record Form below to register for First Holy Communion. Upon successful submission you will receive an email with further details.

First Holy Communion Record Form

The First Holy Communion Candidate The candidate's full name is required The candidate's place of birth is required The candidate's date of birth is required First confessions will be heard for all on June 1st, at 9:30 AM The candidate's date of fist Confession is required
Candidate Baptismal Records The parish and address of the candidate's baptism The date of the candidate's baptism is required PDF format or clear and legible photograph A PDF or clear and legible photo of the certificate is required
Family Information Which parish is the candidate currently registered with? The candidate's current parish is required The full name of the Candidate's father is required The full maiden name of the Candidate's mother is required The candidate's address is required
Contact Information To whom shall we direct information about the Candidate's reception of this sacrament? The full name of the Point of Contact for the candidate is required Please use the format (###) ###-#### Please enter a valid email address