Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions this Week

St. Elizabeth, Queen, Widow Wednesday, Jul. 8
Jacqueline Smith (deceased)
by Don Whicker
5:15 PM
Naples (St. Agnes)
Feria Thursday, Jul. 9
Thomas Gerard Casey
by Battis Family
5:15 PM
Naples (St. Agnes)
The Seven Holy Brothers, Martyrs, and Ss. Rufina and Secunda, Virgins and Martyrs Friday, Jul. 10
Andrew Salye
by Katy Allen
5:15 PM
Naples (St. Agnes)
Our Lady on Saturday Saturday, Jul. 11
Brent (deceased)
by Michael & Tara Healy
7:30 AM
Naples (St. Agnes)
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Sunday, Jul. 12
Sofia Pacita Spevak Senna
by Fatima Spevak
7:15 AM
Naples (St. Agnes)
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Sunday, Jul. 12
Walter Matt
by Family
8:45 AM
Naples (St. Agnes)
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Sunday, Jul. 12
Carla Cataldo
by Luca and Erica Hickman
12:30 PM
Ft. Myers (Ressurection)
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Sunday, Jul. 12

4:30 PM
St. William (Naples)
Feria Monday, Jul. 13
Midge Cosentino (deceased)
by Nicholas Piedimonte
5:15 PM
Naples (St. Agnes)
St. Bonaventure, Bishop & Doctor Tuesday, Jul. 14
Timothy Walton (deceased)
by Kaitlyn M Walton
5:15 PM
Naples (St. Agnes)
St. Henry II, Emperor, Confessor Wednesday, Jul. 15
Heidi Bohannon
by Beth Bohannon
5:15 PM
Naples (St. Agnes)

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Please note: There is a delay of at least a day between the scheduling of intentions and when these pages are updated, and changes to the schedule may happen at any moment without notice.

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