250k pledge matched! Deo gratias! Another 100k matching pledge challenge until June 11

As was previous announced in January, a very generous family gave a donation of 250k toward our building fund and agreed to give another 250k as a matching offer to others in our community from then until Easter. 
Our goal was met! At the end of December we had $800,102.48 in the Savings account and at the end of March $1,061,329.12, thus a total  of 261,226.64‬ was given during that time. 

Inspired by this very charitable example another gentleman has stepped forward to offer another matching pledge challenge of 100k from this time until our patronal feast day of Corpus Christi, June 11th. 

We could not be more grateful for those who continue to give on-line during this time, as the online giving numbers are at their highest ever for the month of this past April. Again, as we have very little operational expenses at this time, most all of these donations can be designated to our building fund, which is not taxed and receives a 4.5% interest rate. In general it is recommended that people donate designated to the building fund at this time, and extra monies in the operational account are periodically being transferred to it as well

We know there are families unable to donate at this time, so please feel no pressure, but for those who are able this is another great chance to reach the goal of your future traditional parish home. 

Please visit the new page on our website for updates as to the general goals and ongoing project, with pictures of other FSSP apostolates like our own that have already built there phase 1 building, and who will serve us as a model for our own at https://www.corpuschristifssp.com/newbuild

Published on May 9th, 2020. Expires in 12 days.