Corpus Christi Chapel

Adoration times still to be filled to restore perpetual adoration at St. Agnes

Per the previous announcement, regarding the resumption of adoration at St. Agnes, during the day from 9am-345pm, the proximate goal is to reestablish nightly adoration on Monday to Saturda (which will take place in the little adoration chapel of the Church). The following times must still be filled to be able to extend it perpetually: 

Wednesday: 4am-5am
Thursday: 12am-1am
Friday: 1am-2am
Saturday: 12am-1am, 4am-5am  

If one is able to habitually cover one of these hours please sign up on the St. Agnes website. The date of comencement of the evening-night hours will be announced after the slots are filled. 

Published on October 3rd, 2020. Exipred 273 days ago.