Corpus Christi Chapel

Holy Week Schedule 2021

The holiest week of the year is soon at hand. As only one solemn liturgy is permitted each day for the Triduum and as we have grown in size we had to acquire new venues for this year, and are very grateful to St. William's Catholic Church and Royal Palm Academy for hosting us to make the Triduum possible for all, for which no reservation will be necessary. As the ceremonies will be solemn, both priests and seminarian will perform the role of priest, deacon and subdeacon, and therefore there will not be confessions during the solemn liturgies. Please take advantage of Mon-Wed for confessions. 

Please note the following schedule and be sure to invite someone new to participate in these most ancient solemn ceremonies:

Palm Sunday, Mar. 28 
7:15 AM - (low), St. Agnes, Naples
845 AM - (low), St. Agnes, Naples
1:30 PM - (low) Resurrection, Fort Myers 
4:30 PM -  Solemn High Mass. St. William, Naples
- Blessing of Palms and Procession is only done once at the Solemn Mass at 430pm. Palms will be available at subsequent masses in all locations. 

Holy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Mar. 29, 30, 31
4:00 PM and 5:15 PM - St. Agnes, Naples
-N.B. - the Passion according to St. Mark and St. Luke are read on Holy Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. 

Holy Thursday, Apr.1
4:00 PM - Solemn High Mass, St. William, Naples

Good Friday, Apr. 2 
7:00 PM - Solemn High Service, St. William, Naples

Good Friday is an obligatory day of fasting for adults 18-60, and of abstinence from meat for all age 14+

Holy Saturday, Apr. 3
Time 10:00 PM  - Solemn High Mass, Royal Palm Academy (gymnasium)

  • Propers for the Pascal Vigil can be downloaded.
  • Holy Saturday Mass will end around 1 AM. It fulfills the Easter Sunday obligation.)
  • Lighted candles are not permitted in the gymnasium. Electric candles will be available for those who wish to use them for supplementary reading light for the first part of the ceremony. If one brings a votive candle they can light it from the Blessed Fire at the end of mass to take home.  

Easter Sunday, Apr. 4
There will be NO Mass at 7:15 AM or 845 AM at St. Agnes
9:00 AM - Solemn High Mass, Royal Palm Academy (gymnasium)
-Easter Egg hunt for kids, coffee and donuts for adults will be available after mass till noon.

1:30 PM - (low) Resurrection, Fort Myers 

4:30 PM - (low) St. William, Naples

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