Corpus Christi Chapel

No adoration June 3-11; Return to one daily Mass for summer at 5:15; Additional 4pm on certain feast days

St. Agnes will suspend adoration in the chapel from June 3rd through 11th, due to floor polishing, resuming daily on June 13th from 9am-5pm.  

As there are no longer restrictions on capacity in the chapel, and less faithful in attendance during the summer months, our daily mass will return to the 5:15pm time slot, with the 4:00pm slot being suspended starting June 7th. Adoration will continue in the chapel until 5pm when Benediction will be imparted Monday-Friday (when adoration resumes on the 13th). 

We will have an additional 4pm mass on feast days to accomodate the larger numbers in attendance on those days, which are currently planned for: 

June 11 (Fri), 24 (Thu), 29 (Tue),
July 2 (Fri),
Aug 6 (Fri).   

Published on June 4th, 2021. Expires in 44 days.