Corpus Christi Chapel

Priestly transfers

This year in addition to the five new priests ordained, we also reached a milestone in our growth in North America as a Priestly Fraternity, moving up administratively from the level of a District to a Province. Accordingly there are priest transfers every year to fulfill these new apostolic needs. 

Fr. Anthony Dorsa, who was assigned as assitant to our Corpus Christi apostolate since last year, will be transferred to our headquarters where he amongst other tasks will help with administrative tasks including overseeing the media and missions development of our Fraternity throughout the Province. 

Although the news is sad for us who have been the beneficiaries of his great priestly dedication to the sanctification of our souls, ever friendly companionship, and talented service, over the last year, and although we wish we could have him longer, we should rejoice to see the work of our Fraternity expand to a new level and our dear vicar promoted to such a level of responsibility at the service of the whole province. Such is the nature of our apostolic work, in imitation of Our Lord and the apostles who after serving a community, continued on to found yet more. 

It is a time for us to remember that behind every priest is Christ the High Priest, who remains with us always, giving us what he knows we need, even if at times it is not what we prefer; and that here we have no lasting home, but sojourn as pilgrims towards our eternal, heavenly home. That which most gladdens the heart of a priest, is to see the his flock put it into practice that which he has taught them, to show that they have understood that their greatest desire was to lead and attach them to Christ and not their own particular personality. Such is the spirituality of the priest who acts in persona Christi.

We should also consider it a compliment to our community which has been so supportive of him in prayer and faithful in following his good teachings in word and example, which in spiritually good condition is ready to receive another young priest to serve in his stead as assistant. 

The transfers are effective as of August 1st. Stay tuned for more details regarding any farewell parties. Our new assistant will be announced as soon as the diocese confirms it. 

In the meantime please thank our good Father Dorsa for his wonderful year of dedicated service to our community, and promise him your prayers for the success of the new endeavor Our Lord asks him to undertake.  

Published on July 10th, 2021. Expires in 0 days.