Corpus Christi Chapel

Mothers of Lu- Prayer Group for Vocations

Do you know the story of the Mothers of Lu? The mothers of the village of Lu, Italy (population 1200) prayed together on the first Sunday of each month, and, as a result, from their tiny village came 323 vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life! 
Read the story Here
Following the admirable example of the Mothers of Lu, those mothers who wish may recite the same prayer they offered (slightly revised to include religious as well as priests) after the Sunday Mass on the first Sunday of each month (starting September 5). If you cannot make it to the 845am mass, where they will recite it publicly, please join in prayer wherever you are on the first Sunday of each month in offering the prayer at the end of this post, asking God for the gift of priests and religious, especially from our own families! Following the prayer of the Mothers of Lu, we will also say a prayer (see below) for the Church in this time of difficulty. Please come to the pews near the altar rail, after the altar boys say their prayers after Mass. Please also offer, if you can, your Holy Communion and Rosary on the first Sunday of every month for vocations. 
The prayers of the Mothers of Lu: “O God, grant that one of my children may become a priest!O Lord, grant that one of my children may become a religious!I myself want to live as a good Christian and want to guide my children to do always what is right, so that I may receive the grace, O God, to be allowed to give you both a holy priest and a religious! Amen.”
Prayers for the Church: "O Holy Spirit, Creator, mercifully assist Thy Catholic Church, and by Thy heavenly power strengthen and establish Her against the assaults of all Her enemies; and by Thy love and grace renew the spirit of Thy servants whom Thou hast anointed, that in Thee they may glorify the Father and His only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

Published on October 1st, 2021. Expires in 45 days.