Corpus Christi Chapel

Mass Intentions 2022 now available- initial limit to 5 per household. Only for registered members.

We hereby open up mass intention requests for 2022. Given the growth of our community, mass requests will initially be limited to 5 per household. In addition to the general public mass requests, other urgent requests (recent death, critical injury, crisis, etc.) may be submitted as noted for private mass intentions on our site or directly to our priests if they have any availability in public or private masses.

Public mass intentions are limited to registered and active members of Corpus Christi Chapel.

Please review the available mass times on our website and submit your requests and payment there. Please indicate your preferred time and location, and we will generally try to meet that request as close as possible in light of all the other requests. The schedule for certain masses throughout the year may be adjusted as varying times are determined for special occasions, extra masses and seasonal changes. So please review the schedule which is updated periodically.

Published on October 30th, 2021. Expires in 83 days.