Corpus Christi Chapel

Ascension Thursday and other Highlights for May 22-28

Wednesday at 6pm there will be Spanish Catechesis in the confessional room at St. Agnes. 

Thursday, May 26th, is the first class feast of the Ascension of the Lord. We will have a sung Mass beginning at 4:45pm. Confessions will begin at 4:00pm. The Mass will begin earlier because there is a Spanish Mass in the Chapel at 6:30pm and we need to be done by 6pm so we will begin a bit earlier so as not to rush the Holy Sacrifice. 

Sunday, May 29th, Mass at the Church of the Resurrection in Fort Myers will begin at 12:00pm and no longer at 12:15pm.

Published on May 21st, 2022. Exipred 197 days ago.