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Corpus Christi Chapel

Disruptions During Mass

Given that we do not have a Church of our own and we are often packed in like sardines, we should be extra careful not to further disturb the Holy Sacrifice as it is already quite easy to do so given our cramped situation. 

Even though this is Florida, and it always feels like summer vacation, please be considerate and arrive on time to Mass, i.e., before the bell rings. To arrive after the unveiling of the chalice would not fulfill your Sunday obligation and you would then have to attend another Mass. 

It is a tremendous blessing to have an abundance of children which brings challenges with it, as all blessings do. We know children cry and even the very best act up from time to time, so when this is the case, parents, when it is possible, take them to the confessional room at St. Agnes (when not in use), the vestibule, or outside (weather permitting). 

All of us are called to be patient with crying babies and parents who have many children. So, when you hear a child that is not yours being a distraction, ignore it. Also, given our cramped quarters, we know there are not many options for parents.

Please consult the section of the bulletin about proper attire which goes for all Masses all the time, not just Sunday.

Lastly, it is the job of the priests to correct the parishioners. So, if you see someone arriving late, hear a baby crying, or a person dressed inappropriately, let one of the priests know and he can address it as he sees fit.

Published on September 3rd, 2022. Exipred 461 days ago.