Corpus Christi Chapel

Upcoming Ordinations for the FSSP

Please pray for the ordinands:

May 20: diaconal ordinations in Wigratzbad by His Exc. Wolfgang Haas, Archbishop of Vaduz:

  • Mikl√≥s Homolya 
  • Pierre-Damien Luisier 
  • Korbinian Mendler
  • Manuel de Pinho Sousa 
  • Francesco Serwe 
  • Jan Vatter
  • Peter Westner
  • Gideon Zoonen

May 26: Priestly ordinations in Denton by His Exc. Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco:

  • Quin Gomez 
  • Isaac Lind 
  • Evan Schwab
Published on May 17th, 2023. Exipred 371 days ago.