Corpus Christi Chapel

Father Adam's Goodbye Letter

Dear CCC Parishioners,PAX

It's dark and cold here in my new "assignment", Lincoln, NE. But that's not why I'm writing.
I want to thank you all for my time in Naples. I sincerely loved the community; I did't want to leave, but, in God's Providence, health issues have necessitated it.
I was humbled by how many of you turned out to send me off, and I thank you all for your generous gifts, but most especially for your well-wishing and prayers.I will be praying for you all, each day.

I did want to use this as an opportunity to mention something that I think is extremely important. I had hoped to preach about this once we moved into the new church, but I will just write it now.My family was part of an FSSP parish about 20 years ago which was in a very similar situation to Naples: sharing diocesan churches; always setting-up and taking-down; yet very vibrant and growing. Everything was going great until the community moved into our own building and got some stability. We encountered a problem which, up until then, hadn't existed, viz. parish politics which were enabled by our incorporation.
Please remember that the devil works extra hard anywhere where he sees God's grace flourishing. Fulton Sheen pointed out that the word diabolic comes from the Greek words dia and balimeDia-balime is to tear apart, rend asunder.Within a short time we saw our beloved community torn apart because of things which began as petty conflicts, but then quickly grew into a catastrophe, ending with private investigators being hired, anonymous threatening emails being sent, pastors being transferred, and a lot of very hurt people.
The parish is doing fine now, but it's progress was set back about 10 years, not to mention many estranged parishioners, some of whom never returned.
The community in Naples is vibrant, happy and doesn't have most of the "baggage" which typically comes with Traditional Mass communities. I will be praying that things stay that way, but please be very aware of the attacks of the enemy in this regard.

Please keep me in your prayers, and as I've already said many times, you will all be in mine. If for some reason you're passing through Lincoln, please let me know! You can email me at [email protected]

Or write to me at 
St. Francis of Assisi Church
Fr. Marty Adams, FSSP1145 South St
Lincoln NE 68502

Published on December 1st, 2023. Ongoing announcement.