Corpus Christi Chapel

The Happiest Christmas Tree Ever' book sale went very well

Viviane Fallet would like to express her gratitude to everyone who has shown enthusiastic support for her Christmas book and for the many kind comments she has received. If anyone was not able to purchase the Christmas book at church, or if anyone would like to buy additional copies, they can do so on her website: , or by calling her at 239.286.2283.

Here are some of the most recent comments she has received:

“I read your book at my school’s mystery reader. The kids loved it!!” - Theresa Gubala

“I am an FSSP parishioner with Fr. Passo in Arkansas, and I was in Naples for two years before that. I am so excited to see your book! It’s beautiful!” - Alysson Reese

"Thank you for the gift of your beautiful book. I was so touched by its message, its beauty, and the variety of knowledge it shared. It is simply wonderful, a major achievement, and a gift of God.  Congratulations! I will be ordering some copies to share with family…” - Beth Bonner

Published on December 6th, 2023. Ongoing announcement.