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We ask you to consider how you can contribute your unique skills, connections, knowledge and experience to our Chapel Community. We know that you have unique talents and potential contributions that can make our new parish home a truly remarkable. As we eagerly anticipate moving into our new Church, hopefully soon, we're asking you to consider how you can be a part of this next exciting phase.

From landscapers to maintenance personnel, painters to those with a knack for cleaning, ironing, sewing, and everything in between – we want to hear from you! Are you interested in security systems or perhaps own a car dealership? Do you have a desire to teach homeschoolers in a specific subject? We want to hear from you! Share your interests, hobbies, and talents, and let us know how you, your friends, family, or other associates might contribute to the glory of God's House and the well-being of our parish family.

Take a moment to complete the form below, answering just a few brief questions. We genuinely appreciate your willingness to help beautify God's House and nurture the growth of Corpus Christi Chapel!

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