New Time for transmitted Sunday Latin Mass at Ave Maria- 9am. Holy Communion-10am.

Dear Corpus Christi Chapel faithful,

The Pastor at Ave Maria, Fr. Mayer, has asked us to announce that the transmitted Sunday Latin Mass at the Donahue Academy of Ave Maria, which we have been invited to offer privately, every Sunday during this hiatus of public masses, will be celebrated at 9am, and Holy Communion will be distributed afterward from 10:00am- 1030am. This will be a more convenient schedule for all involved especially the staff that is working extra hours every day to coordinate the masses and distribution afterward. We will not be able to hear confessions at Donahue Academy before the Sunday Mass, so please contact us personally for any appointment or look for announcements of publicly scheduled confessions. 

Likewise one may not enter and park in the parking lot of the school during the mass, but can approach in car as early as 945am. This is likewise to assure that all flows in an orderly manner without drawing attention as if it were a public gathering. One may park anywhere else in Ave Maria and approach immediately after Mass has ended. The new time and directives take effect this Sunday April 19th and will continue until further notice.  

And we repeat that we are also available by appointment for any sacramental needs you may have

Published on April 25th, 2020. Expires in 0 days.