Corpus Christi Chapel

Confessional times and places

Given the new Sunday schedule of 4 masses, there may not always be confessions during the Sunday masses. We will try to always be available 20-30 minutes before each mass. We also hear confessions every day during the week, before and usually during the masses at St. Agnes, and likewise by appointment. We recommend that those who can come during the week leave Sundays to those who may only be able to go on that day. 

Small confessionals are not able to be used under current restrictions therefore, Confessions are currently heard:
at St. Agnes in the room in the back of the chapel. 
at Resurrection in the meeting room on the south side of the back entrance
at St. William in the sacristy (to the left after one enters the front entrance)

Published on June 13th, 2020. Exipred 452 days ago.