Corpus Christi Chapel

Schedule of daily Masses for from 6.29-7.11

As Fr. Passo departs on July 1st, and Fr. Dorsa arrives on July 10th, we will return to the sole 5:15pm Mass from July 2nd onward. As the chapel fits 90 people at 50% capacity, there will be plenty of room for our normal weekday mass attendance. 

6.28- Sunday- 7:15am (low), 8:45am (low), 12:30 (Resurrection), 4:30pm (sung- St. William)

6.29- Monday- 4pm (low), 5:15pm (sung)- Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul
6.30- Tuesday- 4pm (low), 5:15pm (low)
7.1- Wednesday- 4pm (low), 5:15pm (sung)- Feast of the Precious Blood
7.2- Thursday- 5:15pm
7.3- Friday- 5:15pm
7.4- Saturday- 7:30am

7.5- Sunday- 7:15am (low), 8:45am (sung), 12:30 (Resurrection), 4:30pm (St. WIlliam)

7.6-7.10 Monday-Friday - 5:15pm
7.11- Saturday- 7:30am

Published on June 26th, 2020. Exipred 384 days ago.