Corpus Christi Chapel

Sung Mass this Sunday (June 28) at 4:30pm- St. WIlliam; Monday 5:15pm- Sung Mass Sts. Peter and Paul

This Sunday will be Fr. Passo's last Sunday Sung Mass whereby it will be celebrated at St. William's at 4:30pm to provide a larger venue with more seating. No need to sign up as the church at half capacity provides space for more than 400 people. 
The 8:45am Mass at St. Agnes will be a low Mass. 
Fr. Passo will also celebrate a Sung Mass on Monday, June 29th, for Sts. Peter and Paul at St. Agnes, chapel at 5:15pm. This is his last scheduled public Mass. One must sign up for that Mass as there is still a limit of 90 people in the chapel. 

Published on June 26th, 2020. Exipred 395 days ago.