Corpus Christi Chapel

2021 3rd Quarter Report

The following are the total amounts donated from the 3rd quarter (July-Sept) of 2021 to support our chapel today, and build our permanent home for tomorrow.

2021 Q3 Corpus Christi Chapel Giving by City and Fund
LocationBuilding FundOffertoryTotal
Fort Myers$8,580$8,184$16,764
Ave Maria$6,097$8,490$14,587
Offertory (St Agnes)$7,509$5,961$13,470
Offertory (St. William)$3,888$2,671$6,559
Offertory (Resurrection)$6,526$6,526
Bonita Springs$3,370$1,570$4,940
Cape Coral$1,905$2,510$4,415
Marco Island$3,220$1,035$4,255
Lehigh Acres$530$320$850
Punta Gorda$250$400$650
Grand Total$84,434$68,258$152,691

Total current balance of Building Fund as of September 30th, 2021 is: $2,760,302.90.

Our community continues to grow rapidly. Deo gratias! 

582 Souls on Average in Attendance on Sundays.
(Naples 396, Fort Myers 186)

31 New household registrations for the quarter.
(More than 2 households each week) 



Published on November 20th, 2021. Expires in 28 days.