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Corpus Christi Chapel

Please pray for those about to be ordained to the minor orders and diaconate

November 19: Minor Orders and Diaconate will be conferred in Denton by His Exc. Mgr. Robert Finn, Bishop Emeritus of Kansas City-Saint Joseph. Please pray for the ordinands. 

Porters and Lectors: Robert Becker, Alexander Brown, Sean Calderon, Brendan D'Amato, John Falciano, Matthew Lesinski, Roman Ramirez, Dominic Rumore, Jacob Sievek, Rodrigo Torres-Gonzalez 

Exorcists and Acolytes: David Carter, Thomas Clovis, Shane (John) Conlon, Andrew Daniels,  Joseph Falciano, Marshall Harmon, Anthony Ike, Daniel Kreilein, Conan McGonagle, Lai Nguyen, Peter O'Connor, Curtis Zuckerman

Published on November 3rd, 2022. Exipred 328 days ago.