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Do I need Spiritual Direction?

The distinction between spiritual direction and advice is that spiritual direction is personalized guidance for spiritual growth, focusing on particular virtues, prayer, and other aspects of spiritual life. It is intended for those already advancing in their spiritual journey and can be likened to a personal trainer for high-level athletes. On the other hand, advice or counseling is a one-time conversation aimed at addressing a specific issue.

To start spiritual direction, you should do the following consistently:

  1. Stay out of mortal sin
    • If you regularly battle mortal sin, focus on getting rid of that first.
    • Take the advice given in confession or ask for some if you don't get it.
  2. Meditate 20 minutes a day
    • Start this and you can add more later but if you start doing too much you will burn out and give up.
    • You can't become a saint without trying to improve your meditation and mental prayer.
  3. Pray the rosary every day
  4. 20-30 minutes of spiritual reading
  5. Doing a daily examination of conscience
    • Working on your predominant fault and making progress in it.
    • Find the thing you have to confess most often and start to work on that until you get rid of it.
    • The number of minuses goes down, down, down to zero.
  6. Please consider the following:
  7. -If you are doing these things and want to find a spiritual director, look for one who gives you good advice in confession.
    • He will most likely give you good advice in spiritual direction too.
    • Pray for the grace to find a good one.
    • Once you find him, pray that he would receive the graces to guide you well.

    - You don't need spiritual direction if you aren't doing these things consistently.

    - If you want to discover your vocation. You should do the things mentioned above and the meditations provided by St. Ignatius for this exact purpose.   

Published on May 11th, 2024. Exipred 44 days ago.